Livestock News for April 23

Pork prices projected to soar globally due to African swine fever

According to CNBC, pork prices in China may soar by more than 70% by next year, as hog populations — ravaged by the African swine fever virus — plunge to “historically low” levels. Production levels could recover only by 2021 or later, experts say. Meanwhile, the disease, deadly to pigs but not contagious to humans, has spread beyond China, the world’s biggest producer of pork. It has hit Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, with the risk that the outbreak might spread, worsening global supply shortfalls, say experts. That will drive up global pork prices, they say, although most could not provide estimates, citing China’s lack of transparency or ability in providing accurate numbers of pig herds.

Vetoquinol completes acquisition of Brazilian veterinary laboratory

Vetoquinol confirmed April 16 the completion of its acquisition of Clarion Biociências, a Brazilian veterinary laboratory, according to Feedstuffs. Founded in 1998, Clarion develops, manufactures and distributes veterinary medicine and non-medicinal products primarily targeting the livestock market. Due to its geographical presence at the very heart of Brazil’s bovine breeding area, the laboratory enjoys a strong market share in the bovine segment (which accounts for more than half of the Brazilian animal health market), particularly with internal and external parasiticides, Vetoquinol said.

APHIS announces funding support for ID, traceability projects

According to a report in Drover’s CattleNetwork, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is announcing the availability of $1 million in cooperative agreement funding to support animal disease traceability (ADT) and electronic identification for cattle. The money will fund between two to five projects that will help USDA increase the accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of collecting key pieces of traceability information, while also supporting the cattle industry’s management and marketing needs. These projects will document how to link ultrahigh frequency backtags with other identification devices to collect animal movement and disease program data while still maintaining the speed of commerce.

Boehringer Ingelheim acquires minority stake in SoundTalks NV

Boehringer Ingelheim announced it has acquired a minority stake in SoundTalks NV, a Belgian company. SoundTalks NV has developed a digital monitoring tool that seeks to improve the healthcare of pigs and helps farmers operate more efficiently. Boehringer Ingelheim plans to install the SoundTalksᵀᴹ system in select pig barns in the United States and other major swine markets this spring in a pilot program.

Bimeda® Launches Bimectin® Plus Dewormer

Earlier this month, Bimeda® announced it has available for sale BIMECTIN® PLUS (1% ivermectin and 10% clorsulon) Injection for Cattle. To learn more, or to view the full press release, click here.