Dentistry for Boarders

Show practices the benefits of dentistry for boarders

Here’s an interesting opportunity to help practices fill their appointment books while you grow your sales of dental equipment and supplies. Introduce your customers to the concept of a “Dentistry for Boarders” program.

Why are anesthetic dentistry procedures, periodontal therapy and other oral health services a perfect tie-in to boarding visits? The following are some of the top reasons:

Most pets are due for an oral health exam, cleaning and possible treatment

Since almost 80 percent of all dogs and cats over the age of three have some form of periodontal disease, the chances of incoming boarders needing some form of disease prevention or treatment are very high. By offering a “Dentistry for Boarders” program, veterinary teams can help more patients avoid the pain and suffering that comes with periodontal disease.

Boarders can easily be prepped for procedures … and monitored during recovery

A boarding appointment is the perfect time to ensure dogs and cats are properly prepared for dentistry or periodontal procedures. The staff can withhold food and run pre-anesthetic screening tests at the convenience of the practice and the pet owners. And, post-surgery recovery is under the team’s watchful care beyond just the initial hours after the anesthesia wears off. Plus, the pet owner will not need to make an extra trip to the veterinary hospital to have the procedure done at another time. It’s convenient for everyone.

It’s an easy opportunity to increase revenue

The AHAA average invoice for a routine dentistry procedure is $450. Think of what this can mean to practices when they add several oral health appointments each week in combination with boarding visits.

When meeting with customers, you can be a hero by showing them how to implement a successful “Dentistry for Boarders” program.

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