Celebrating 10 Years

By Chris Kelly

April 9, 2019

Image of Chris Kelly

Time does fly. It seems like yesterday that we launched Veterinary Advantage with the belief that distributor sales reps were the most trusted resource for veterinary practices, and were in constant need of news, updated industry information, and analysis that could help them maintain that position with their customers.

Fortunately, our assumptions were correct, and both distributors and manufacturers have supported our efforts.

Looking back at our first full year of content it’s interesting that many of the trends we covered back then are still with us today. Yes, we were talking pet insurance, the rise of corporate veterinary medicine, heartworm compliance and keeping practices financially healthy, much like we are today. What’s more interesting though, is what has changed, and how fast it has changed.

Who could have imagined ten years ago that we would witness VetsFirstChoice, a home delivery company started a year later, would be merged with Henry Schein Animal Health and launched as Covetrus, a new publically traded company with a valuation around $4B? Or that Amazon would change the retail paradigm in that same time period, while developing a multi-billion dollar pet products offering? Or that Chewy, who chose pet food, would create and sell a business worth $3B in just seven years?

Keeping up with or ahead of these changes is challenging, but it’s worth your time and effort. It isn’t always pleasant, especially if these changes are having a direct effect on you and your customers. You may feel our story on Vetcove (page 10) fits that category, but it’s not a story to ignore. DSRs should understand their business model, where they came from, how they bring value, and where they are going, as it is important to your future business. 

In keeping with the spirit of change, stand by for some excitement when you open your next issue of Vet-Advantage. We have some interesting enhancements we hope will add to your learning experience, both in the print magazine and in many of our digital initiatives. Thanks for reading Vet-Advantage, and for making the last ten years so enjoyable for everyone on our staff!