Anesthesia Prospecting Tips

Prospects likely to buy advancements in veterinary anesthesia

Most small-animal and large-animal veterinary practices use anesthesia equipment to conduct a wide range of medical procedures, and are therefore candidates for equipment upgrades.

Clinics that have added staff or increased their volume of procedures may need additional units to increase efficiency, and specialty practices are definitely going to be strong candidates for this equipment.


Clinic clues for quality leads

When you’re visiting a veterinary hospital, look for old anesthesia equipment, broken equipment or missing or outdated supplies based on the list provided on the previous page.

Also consider this: in spite of the importance of replacing outdated anesthesia equipment to ensure patient safety, some veterinarians may be reluctant to make the investment. Sometimes, they may not recognize the increased risk their outdated equipment is placing on patients and staff.


Approaching the sales discussion 

• Check-off/qualify: If you identified outdated equipment, you can initiate a discussion by asking, “Doctor, I noticed your anesthesia and patient monitoring equipment is fairly outdated – do you have a plan for updating it?” Or, if you can’t identify outdated equipment, you can ask, “Do you know the age of your current anesthesia equipment… and have you considered updating it?”

• Confidence: If YES, confirm and support benefits. If NO, assert the benefits with confidence. “I’m sure the latest anesthesia and patient monitoring equipment will make procedures much more efficient and reduce patient risk.”

• Invitation to neutral: “Let’s look at how the latest innovations are reducing risk while saving you steps and generating more revenue.”

• Seek alignment/understanding as the dialogue continues: “Can you help me understand …

• “Doctor, what types of procedures do you typically perform that require anesthesia?”

• “Do you find yourself doing more or less of these procedures?” “Why is that?”

• “Would adding an additional unit help increase your efficiency and revenue?”

• “Have you noticed abnormally high oxygen or anesthetic agent use? If so, would you like me to perform a leak test on your anesthesia equipment?”

It’s the customer’s decision… “You can decide if an upgrade to the latest anesthesia and monitoring equipment is well worth the investment for improving patient safety.”


Editor’s note: Vet-Advantage would like to acknowledge Midmark Corp.’s contribution to this article.