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Ringside Seat
Kevin Speltz has seen quite a bit in his 38 years in the animal health business, and he believes the best is yet to come… READ MORE.

A VMX 2019 Recap for Animal Health Sales Reps
While VMX 2019 is over, the big announcements, new tools, and latest lessons from the event will help shape our industry for the rest of this year and beyond… READ MORE.

Vet Advantage Turns 10 READ MORE.

A Population at Risk
Banfield’s 2019 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)® Report looks at the alarming link between pet obesity and osteoarthritis… READ MORE.

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Top Four Targets for Fly Control Success: One of the keys to a good defense against flies on any cattle or dairy operation is to know which flies are causing problems and affecting herd health. – READ MORE.

Take a Second Guess: Get a horse’s weight before deworming for effective, sustainable parasite control. – READ MORE.

Exceptional Health Management: The management practices and daily decisions of livestock producers influence the life of each one of their animals, by Dawn Singleton-Olson – READ MORE.

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2019 State of the Veterinary Profession
The 2019 State of the Veterinary Profession offered VMX attendees exclusive presentations featuring the latest industry trends and forecasts.  – READ MORE.

Barriers to Veterinary Care
Nearly 28 percent of households experience barriers to veterinary care, says a national population survey conducted by the Access to Veterinary Care Coalition. – READ MORE.

CAPC Launches Monthly Top 10 Cities Heartworm Report
New monthly report alerts pet parents, veterinarians and others about metro areas with the highest percentage increase in positive heartworm tests. – READ MORE.

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From The Vet-Advantage BLOG

10 Years of Supporting Distributor Sales Reps via Veterinary Advantage

Veterinary Advantage magazine recently reached its 10-year anniversary as the only publication focused on animal health distribution sales representatives. To celebrate, we caught up with Chris Kelly, Vet-Advantage’s founder and current Group Publisher for the NAVC… READ MORE.

CAPC Report Prompts Urgent Call to Check Heartworm in Traveling Dogs

In early February, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) issued its CAPC Top 10 Cities Monthly Heartworm Report. The report aims to show the veterinary industry — and pet owners — how the threat of heartworm disease is now prevalent across the entire U.S. year-round. READ MORE.

UVSA 2019 Conference Expands its Program for All Animal Health Executives

If you want the most current facts, findings, and forecasts on the future of animal care… plan to attend the UVSA 2019 Annual Conference May 5-7, 2019 in Nashville. READ MORE.