Vet-Advantage February 2017


Mastitis: Checking on Udder Health
Helping dairy producers reduce mastitis losses can improve everyone’s bottom line by Jennifer Ryan – READ MORE.

Antimicrobial Residues: No Residues Need Apply
Avoiding violative residues takes cooperation from everyone in the food chain by Jennifer Ryan – READ MORE.

Respiratory Health: Battling Bovine Respiratory Disease
Alternative treatments to BRD aim to prevent disease losses by boosting immunity by Jennifer Ryan – READ MORE.

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To Serve and Protect
Chicago Police Mounted Unit demonstrates the benefits of the human-equine bond. READ MORE.

Not All Lameness is Osteoarthritis – Veterinarians evaluate each case of lameness for potential signsof osteoarthritis whether in young or old horses. READ MORE.

Raising the Bar on Equine Dentistry
When it comes to the horse’s teeth, the best thing you can do is find the problem before it’s a problem. READ MORE.

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From The Vet-Advantage BLOG

Today’s Leptospirosis Risk Is Worth Discussing with Veterinary Practices

With leptospirosis risk factors present across the country, it’s worth discussing vaccine reluctance so you can help clinics protect patients…READ MORE.

Rapid Diagnostics One of Fastest Growth Areas for Veterinary Revenue

Help veterinary practices grow through in-clinic diagnostic services performed on instruments and rapid assay tests. READ MORE.

What The Veterinary Innovation Council Means to DSRs and Practices

Dr. Mia Cary, VIC Executive Director, and Chief Innovation Officer at the NAVC, describes the VIC’s first project, and explains what this organization means. READ MORE.